A simple walkthrough for beginners to improve the APIs you build.

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Using Code, Content, and Connection to Land Your Next Role

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It’s easy to get wrapped up in sending job applications and messaging hiring managers all day. You put your head down and focus on the job search and then you…

A Tool For Objective Self-Discovery

“And I used to have a little book called the bug book, where I’m the bug and I’m studying the bug called Jim.”

Drinking from a Firehose, on a Rollercoaster, Through a Whirlwind, and Other Clichés

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  • Learned jQuery
  • Got comfortable with jQuery
  • Built a Shakespeare Quiz application
  • Learned how to use APIs
  • Created a Bookmarks application

The process behind my first major bootcamp project

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The first step on my journey from Shakespeare to software

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Andrew Coleburn

Big ‘ole nerd. Software Developer @ Bitovi. Follow me on Twitter @ARColeburn

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