Reflecting on the First 5 Weeks of Engineering Immersion at Thinkful

Drinking from a Firehose, on a Rollercoaster, Through a Whirlwind, and Other Clichés

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You thirsty? — — — Photo by Michael Jeffrey on Unsplash
  • Learned jQuery
  • Got comfortable with jQuery
  • Built a Shakespeare Quiz application
  • Learned how to use APIs
  • Created a Bookmarks application
  • Learned the basics of React
  • …struggled with react
  • Had breakthroughs with React!
  • Learned more complex React concepts… and struggled with them.
  • Refactored a computer customization interface
  • Built a Book Search Application that connected to GoogleBooks
  • Built a Trello clone
  • Built a Star Wars Search Application the connected to SWAPI.

What I Feel Good About:

I honestly feel great about my JavaScript skills at this point. One of my cohort-mates who I paired with the other day called me “the Bobby Fischer of code” which is, of course, as preposterous as it is hilarious. I have a long way to go. Is my code always the most elegant? No. Do solutions come to me instantly? Nope. Do I need to google things a lot? Of course. But more and more, I feel like I have the skill and wherewithal to tackle any challenge that I run into.

What I Feel… Less Good About:

React. Man, have I struggled with React. I struggled with it before bootcamp, and that struggle has continued. I do have my brain wrapped around the basics though. I’ve hit a point with it now where I know the answer is just more reps. I need to build more things with React, run into more problems, and drill how to solve them into my brain. Going from “complete brain fry” to “grasp of the basics” wasn’t easy, but it happened, which gives me more confidence that I can go from where I’m at now to being really comfortable with the framework.

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Big ‘ole Nerd. Student in Thinkful’s Software Engineering Immersion Program. Follow me on Twitter @ARColeburn

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